Special Storms


THE IRON WIND: The Iron Wind is the Ninth-World term for clouds of dangerous nano spirits (also called nanotech by the more learned).  Malfunctioning machines—insane, really—that are far too tiny to see travel across the landscape in terrible clouds borne by strong winds. These machines warp everything they touch, transmuting all matter. An Iron Wind storm twists the ground, turns rock into clouds of vapor, and creates new features out of thin air. And woe to any living thing caught in its passing. Trees become rocks,  pools of water, or unrecognizable lumps of pulsing, living substance. The Iron Wind tears apart creatures only to rebuild them in bizarre, seemingly random shapes. Flesh is transmuted to nonliving substances, ropy tendrils, or even more alien configuration or textures.  Nine times out of ten, this transformation results in the death of the creature—sometimes a long, painful death as it tries to cope with its new form.

Oily black rain: kills all plant material that it touches

Magnetic wind:  bends and twists nonorganic matter

Ground clouds: electrical storm that causes paralysis

Needlestorm: glasslike shards tear into exposed skin

Rain of the Living: rains tiny squidlike creatures that seek orifices

Rain of the Dead: carries a flesh-eating fungus that does damage only to people who are already injured

Tornado swarm: tornados that come in a cluster of tornadoes

Godsend: wind that heal organic matter

Special Storms

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