Religion and Organizations

The Fahat scare me so badly that I am ashamed of myself as a researcher to be trembling in their presence. Where is your strength, Naind? Where is your pride? Stand up and ask them the questions you came to ask. They cannot think highly of you for sitting on their floor, scribbling notes to yourself as if you were a child. Stand up.

~Naind Oreni’s notes for “The Wonders of Our World: How and Why We Worship”

The Ninth World has so many, and such varied, religions that it would be difficult to list them all. And in many places, religion (at least as we think of it) doesn’t exist.  People there might not even have a concept of religion, or they might have something that we would consider a religion, but that they categorize as a business, an organization, or something else.

The Order of Truth, with its quasireligious veneration of the past and the understanding its inhabitants had of the forces of the universe, is likely the most widespread religious organization.  The rest are more local, typically grounded in the specific physical reality or spiritual beliefs of that area.

Organizations, too, run the gamut, with some as large and dangerous as the Convergence and the Jagged Dream,  and others much smaller, local affairs that work toward the good of all. What defines an organization is simply a group of people with a common goal; thus, players may choose to join an organization whose cause they believe in or start one of their own if they have a passion to pursue.


The Order of Truth

The Sarracenians

The Angulan Knights

Religion and Organizations

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