Ninth World talk

Most of these phrases are in the language of the Truth, but the general sentiments would certainly translate to many other languages as well.


Iadace (pronounced yay-da-cee):
A shibboleth that is used among Aeon Priests as a sign of shared understanding, namely to mean, “I am one who understands, and I recognize that you are also one that understands.” It is also commonly used when a traveler comes upon a village or encounters a stranger on the road. Sometimes as a greeting, but also later in the conversation if you suddenly suspect the person that you’re speaking with to be an enlightened mind. It can also be used as a farewell.

May your cyphers never malfunction:
A common farewell that is used to denote goodwill and safe travels.

Look to the future, forget the past:
A lesser known farewell that is mostly used in the Beyond. The phrase is also sometimes used as a condolence for those who have experienced recent death or other tragedy.

Brehm-brained: Someone or something that is dull or stupid. “Did you see that? That brehm-brained guard just fell off the wall!”

Calaval’s eyes! A common curse or exclamation of surprise, often used when something is particularly scary or dangerous.

Jaekels take you!/Jaekels take him! A commonly used curse to express anger, disdain, or disgust, particularly at someone’s actions.

Fierce/Temperamental/Belligerent as a cragworm:  Something that is strong, ferocious, or otherwise tenaciously tough.

Iron-winded: When something has been expectantly changed or dramatically altered, often for the worst. “Looks like you got iron-winded in that last fight; I can barely recognize you.”

Trips your cypher: Something that makes you happy, excited, or otherwise is good for you.
“You attack a hundred chirogs if that’s what trips your cypher, but I’m staying right here, where there’s warm dinner and a drink.”

Tusked like a grorthas: Used when some part of a creature, structure, or building is ridiculous, overly large, or otherwise doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of it.

Wealthy as a Navarene merchant: Someone with great amounts of money (or sometimes power). Also used sarcastically to mean someone who has nothing but acts as though she is rich.

You slying seskii: A show of respect (sometimes reluctant) for someone who pulled off something particularly scheming or underhanded. Occasionally used as a congratulatory statement for a job well done.

List of unique terms

Aldeia – These are the small villages and Communities of the 9th World. The generally have anywhere between 20 to 2000 residents, and are generally built around a Clave of Aeon Priests

Clave – A clave is a temple or holy residence. It is generally used to refer to the home of Aeon Priests out in the Beyond, but it can sometimes be used in reference to other homes of holy men. As in all things within the 9th World, it is the idea of the word that is important, not the specific.

Aeon Priests – Aeon Priests are the clergy of the Order of Truth.

In the Steadfast, the Aeon Priests have a hierarchy headed by the Amber Pope.

Aeon Priests of the Beyond are not linked by any kind of organized network. They do not answer to the Amber Pope. Instead, they dwell in sequestered claves. Around these claves, small villages and communities known as aldeia have arisen. Each clave has discovered and mastered various bits of numenera, giving every aldeia its own distinct identity. In one, the inhabitants might raise unique bio-engineered beasts for food. In another, people may pilot gravity-defying gliders and race along the rooftops of ancient ruins. In still another aldeia, the priests in the clave may have developed the means to stop aging almost entirely, making the residents immortal and willing to sell their secret–for an incredibly high price. Because the villages are remote and separated by dangerous distances, trade of these discoveries is occasional and haphazard.

Slang of the Ninth World

bloodbarm – uncouth slang for woman. Also a form of bloodsucking parasite.
Metal Handshake – A common weapon among petty thieves. very similar to brass knuckles except the knuckles go all the way down each finger. 
Atomic Bomb – Cool
Taxman – A person who runs a gambling operation.


Ninth World talk

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